Karenderia Merchant App


Karenderia Order Taking App is a complete merchant application for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System.

Note: You will need to purchase the Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System in order to use this mobile application, as all the restaurant data relies on KMRS..

Karenderia Order Taking App connects to KRMS via json api calls
just simply install the modules for the api and settings and your all done.
its comes with very easy steps by steps procedure on how to install the api & settings modules.

Backend Settings
Username: admin
Password : admin

New features in version 1.0.3

See bluetooth thermal printing auto print demo https://youtu.be/8lnoeATAicc

See bluetooth thermal printing demo https://youtu.be/xk7x_2k-b3U

Karenderia bluetooth printer supports Android and iOS
supports any BT thermal printer which supports ESC/POS command
On the video i used the following printer


Download android APK File click here

Watch Karenderia Order Taking App in action click here


  • Receive customer orders realtime in your mobile
  • Receive orders with android & IOS push notification
  • Accept and decline orders
  • Change order status
  • Send SMS and Email to customer about there order status
  • Pull down features to load new orders
  • Separated tab menu for todays order, pending orders and all orders
  • Translation ready
  • Can view order history
  • Can search order by id or by customer name

Android Push Notification & IOS Push Notification

  • Merchant can receive push notification when there is new order place by customer

Change Logs

= 1.0.6 (13 January 20) =

new - options to enabled/disabled printer
new - booking settings
new - add permission disclosure for background location
new - add privacy policy link
new - print receipt after accepted
new - update driver task delivery date when order is delayed
fixed - published and close store permission
fixed - can change order status even not allowed by admin
fixed - ingredients in BT print
fixed - payment type in view order
fixed - ios bluetooth printer which need to re scan again in order to print
fixed - ios checking if bluetooth is enabled
fixed - permission for published merchant

For your app to approved by google you need to read this guide
for background disclosure

some tutorials that might help during submission

its very important that you make a video when the app is
asking for background location for bluetooth
on this section see screenshot https://imgur.com/a/XIFIWDf

and include the video link in your submission.

and take note that the page location permission can be found in your merchant app when
you add bluetooth printer.

here is the video on where to find the location page permission https://youtu.be/_AvRvsf7drk

= 1.0.5 (01 December 20) =

fixed - issue with login token
fixed - close store not saving on merchant table
fixed - uploading picture when getting from photo library
fixed - subscribe to alert
fixed - auto print in iOS

= 1.0.4 (25 November 20) =

fixed - compiling the app in android and iOS failing due to monaca update to cordova 10 and cordova ios 6.1.1
fixed - choose from map
fixed - close store radio button
new - add new icon for iOS 20x20
update - update all iOS splash screen to use storyboard
update - config.xml

Very important updates for iOS you need to update all your splash screen
with the new storyboard splash screen you can use the existing size splash screen
found in res/screens/ios ,

also there is new added icon for iOS that is requirements for cordova ios 6.1.1
you can find this in res/icons/ios/icon-20.png

Cordova 10 changes https://docs.monaca.io/en/release_notes/20201119_cordova10/

= 1.0.3 (23 November 20) =

fixed merchant forgot password
fixed order list time showing false
fixed FOOD_IS_DONE_TO_DRIVER template not working
fixed merchant user not being logout if merchant status is not publish
new - add shortcut for close store
new - bluetooth thermal printer (works with any bluetooth printer that supports ESC/POS command)

= 1.0.2 (24 September 20) =

fixed - code in payment
fixed - submit form
fuxed - translation for reason options list
fixed - bug on settings not saving data in merchant table
fixed - merchant can modify reviews even its not enabled
fixed - amount in push to merchant not formating
fixed - upload replacing images
fixed - message for future orders
fixed - translation for history
fixed - back button in iOS
update - add delivery time /asap in order list
update - upload functions to include taking of picture and resizing the images before upload
update - auto refresh all tabs based on receive push
new - send push broadcast to customer
new - add printing options using printer addon
new - add icon food item list to determine if item is available/not available or out of stock
new - add manage credit card
new - auto refresh ready tab when being delivered by driver
new - options to assign the task to driver
new - send notification to driver during merchant status change specially while merchant changes to food is ready
new - options to turn off tabs booking
new - auto update order status if merchant didnt accept the order within set time frame

= 1.0.1 (24 July 20) =

fixed - size list in food item add
fixed - bug on order details
fixed - bug on history details
update - access to menu
update - add upload merchant background header
update - food item addon
update - create require fields missing in kmrs old version
new - customer reviews
new - add accept/denied button on order details view
new - order status menu
new - reports
new - cron push notification for membership near expiration

= 1.0.0 (12 July 20) =

Initial release version

Vendor Information

  • Store Name: bastikikang
  • Vendor: bastikikang
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