2 in 1 Game Package


Here in 2 in 1 Game Package there are two different app available at listed price. You can buy them individually as well Links Below

Leadership Skill Test Android App – http://codecanyon.net/item/leadership-skill-test-app-with-adsense/9355454

Brain Memory Master Game – http://codecanyon.net/item/brain-memory-master-game/9355609

Game App 1

Skill Test Android App

Game App 2

Brain Memory Master Game

Details of Leadership Skill Test Android App

Leadership skill test is an android app Eclipse project, complete source code is included. And compatible with following versions of Android

2 in 1 Game Package - 1

Compatibility: Leadership Skill test is compatible for all android phones having Android 2.2 or more. Including KitKat 4.4

Admob Integration Status: Admob banner Ads and Admob Interstitial Ads


Features of the Leadership Skill Test

  • Leadership Skill Test contains 18 Questions on 18 screens
  • Each screen contains a question with 4 options.
  • Each answer determines your leadership quality.
  • These questions are grouped in two major categories i.e. Personal Characteristics and Transformational Leadership.
  • Personal Characteristics are further divided into Self-Confidence, Positive Attitude and Outlook, and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Transformational Leadership is divided into Compelling Vision of the Future, Motivating People to Deliver the Vision, Good Role Model, Managing

    Performance Effectively and Support and Stimulation.

  • Once all Questions are answered , answers are processed to generate the results.
  • Result is shown to the user with the tip for each leadership skill.
  • User can also share the App by selecting share option from the Side Menu.
  • Leadership skill test contains Admob banner Ads and Admob Interstitial Ads.
  • This app shows Ad Banner on every Screen and get Interstitial ad after every two questions.

2 in 1 Game Package - 2


Download Demo APK here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/rdv1t5zjpv7tfrr/LeadershipSkillTest.apk?dl=0

Details of Brain Memory Master Android App

A Multilevel Game with Sub levels in each level.

Eclipse Project, Complete Customization Guide and Admob Ready

Features of the Brain Memory Master

  • Brain Memory Master contains 4 levels.
  • Each level contains 5 sublevels.
  • First level contains 9 cells in each sublevel
  • Second level contains 12 cells in each sublevel.
  • Third level contains 16 cells in each sublevel.
  • Fourth level contains 20 cells in each sublevel.
  • Cells are shown for 5 seconds then they disappeared.
  • then you will be asked to identify a specific cell.

  • for each correct answer 10 marks will be awarded and for each wrong answer a life is deducted.
  • When a wrong answer is given a dialog is shown which contain random image and a message having two buttons TRY AGAIN and CONTINUE
  • Try Again button gives u a chance to retry again and continue will lead you to new sublevel.
  • Incase Either Game is over or All levels are passed ,Result Screen is shown having a Tip.
  • This app contains two type of ads Interstitial and Banner Ads
  • Every screen contains Banner Ads at the bottom and Interstitial Ads are shown after every two sublevels.
  • Download Apk to Test: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p7474o8o6rkugle/BrainMemoryMaster.apk?dl=0

    What You Get

    • Downloaded file includes full source Code.
    • Buyer can change Questions, Answer options and correct answer in XML file
    • Documentation to change the interface of app
    • FULL SUPPORT – Client`s satisfaction is our primary motto.
    • Sales Assistance Skype: gauravguptaghaziabad

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