School Management System (SMS) Android

The Ultimage School Management System for Android

School Management System (SMS) Android is a full-fledged management system for running of academic activities online (e-learning). It offers and models a wide variety of physical academic activities such as online library, online classes/lectures, student attendance, events calendar, student achievement, class timetable and more cool features.

One striking feature of this school management system is that it has a one-to-one messaging feature which lets students, teachers, and parents chat with one another!

SMS, the Ultimate School management solution for your school/institutions/college needs!


  • Improved Fee management – add student specific fees
  • Added Payment Integrations – Paystack, PayUmoney, and Paypal
  • Added student character scores – i.e grade student’s characters such as neatness to school, late/early to school, etc. Ability to add unlimited kinds of custom (non-predefined) characters scores with rating and scorer’s comment.


  • Migrated Android project to Androidx (now uses androidx artifacts)
  • Fee Management – set fees and fee duration, track paid students and defaulters, set penalty fee etc.;Parents and students can see the fees they have paid and those that are yet to be paid
  • Fixed bug when sending image from gallery and in profile update tab
  • Added Admin Site Settings – add site/school name and images without any code
  • Added date and time selection options for teachers in adding new attendance – You decide how you mark attendance; whether you choose to mark only the day(s) student(s) were absent (easy and most recommended method for marking attendance for schools with any number of students), or only the days they were present, or both.
  • Added Class Division/Segregation in admin panel for easy school’s class structure
  • Optimized for exceptional performance
  • One-to-one messaging – allows students, teachers, and parents to chat with one another. Users can send images, texts or emojis as messages. With push notifications, messages are sent immediately to the receiver’s device. Also allows users to change chat backgrounds!
  • Online classes/lectures – students can learn whatever needs to be learnt online. No more barriers. lectures can accommodate any kind of Math/physics equations. Online classes can accommodate images, texts, Math/Physics equations, Videos(even supports videos from YouTube), audios/podcasts and PDF files
  • Online assignments/tasks/assessements – teachers can set tasks/assignments for students, who can then provide answers to those tasks. Teachers can also mark each tasks submitted and the score reported to each student.
  • MathJax/Katex Engine – Allows students and teachers to write Math/Physics equations. You have the option to choose which engine to work with.
  • Class Timetable
  • Students Achievements – keeps record of every students achievements in the school so far.
  • Online Library – allows students to read from the school’s library online. The library comes with a comment feature that lets students to write a review on the particular book, and a like/unlike feature to allow students to like/unlike a particular book in the library. Other features of the library are view count and book rating.
  • Attendance – this feature keeps records of the students attendance to classes/lectures
  • Student Locaton – this feature stores the students location in the schools database. This feature is useful in the case of an emergency and lets the student’s parent(s), guardian or school authority to access their child’s last known location from their mobile phone.
  • School Events – this feature lets schools to add special days to the schools events calendar in the app; such events could be, but not limited to, inter-house sports events, school quiz competitions amongst others
  • Profile customization for teachers and parents. Students who wish to customize their profile need meet the school app admin to accomplish this. This is so just to maintain unity in the use of the platform.
  • Report Card – this feature allows teachers to record students exam/assessment results as report cards, allows students to view their results and allows parents to view their children(s) results.
  • Auto Image Slider – used for showcasing of the schools images. This feature can also be used for running adverts or showcasing premium contents!
  • Issuance of Certificate
  • Full app admin panel with multiple language support
  • Supports student(s) promotion or demotion
  • Built-in responsive WebView with page responsiveness and optimization.
  • Firebase cloud function for sending push notifications from one device to another
  • Easy to setup and use – just change a single line in the android project, upload the database, upload a single file containing the required REST API functions and you are good to go!
  • Easy extension to web – this project was built to be easily extended to a web version of the school management system. Simply get a HTML template of your choice and make the necessary REST API calls
  • Easy to understand and use by a beginner in Java(Android) programming and a beginner in PHP language as well as MySQL.
  • Well commented and easy to follow/edit
  • Full time technical support
  • …and lots more!

The demo app is available at SMS.apk
Use this demo link(GOOGLE DRIVE) if the one above does not work:

Use the following demo accounts to test the app:

  1. status: student=> email: [email protected]; password: 123456
  2. status: teacher=> [email protected]; password: 123456
  3. status: parent=> [email protected]; password: 123456
  4. status: parent=> [email protected]; password: 123456

Admin version is now available!
Go to
Login credential is Email: [email protected] password: 123456

Note: Please the login credentials stated above should not be edited so other testers can also use the same credentials to login into the platform. If you want to test wether the profile updating works, consider creating your own unique new user on the admin end and use that account to test the profile updating feature.
Thank you so much for understanding.


Last Update: May 25, 2020
Created: February 18, 2020