Name Meaning – Android App

Name Meaning
Do you want to know the Meaning of your Name?
Do you want to create beautiful Art with your name and share to friends?
Then, this is the perfect app with thousands of name designs and hundreds of stylish fonts.

Key Features:
? 1000+ name meanings
? 100+ trendy photo backgrounds
? 100+ of stylish fonts
? You can change the meaning of each alphabet in your name
? Simple and easy to use.

How to use “Name Meaning” App:
1) Simply enter your name
2) Using edit tool, you can change the meaning of each alphabet in your name.
3) Choose your favorite backgrounds.
4) Or Choose background from mobile gallery or take using camera.
5) Save your creation or share via Facebook, twitter, Whats App, Instagram and other social media apps

Do you like to create awesome creations with your name?
Create beautiful Name arts with hundreds of stylish fonts
create beautiful and meaningful posters with your name

Demo apk Link :


Last Update: November 11, 2019
Created: November 4, 2019