Learn Alphabets with Puzzle Game

Android app for kids to learn alphabets with puzzle game – A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat, D for Dog…
Randomly one Alphabet will show on screen with four options of answers, once is correct answer, when you tap on right answer, you score +10 and on each wrong -10,
Wrong answer will show you what is right too,
Sound and animation on each correct/incorrect answer.
At the end of game, your total score with number of right and wrong answer will show with Play Again button.

Demo available on Google PlayStore –


Well Commented code
Google AdMob integrated
Can handle Ads showing by flags in constant file
Easily can integrate your own resources like background and other images.

Courtesy –
Icon and Background image help –
Images/Characters/Vectors help –
freepik.com, kisspng.com, pngtree.com, unsplash.com, flaticon.com


Last Update: September 5, 2019
Created: September 5, 2019