Keep Me Focused – Anti Phone Addiction & Stay Productive Android App

Keep me focused is a mobile application built for android platform by the latest technologies

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keep me focused will help the users to beat their phone addiction when they need to be focused on something like their studies, work or when they want to hang with their friends without getting disturbed by their phones.

keep me focused will lock the user out of his device for specific time period he choose so that he can be focused and more productive.

keep me focused will lock the user out completely from his device for the specific time he have chosen even if he restart his phone, but he will have access to lock screen to make emergency calls any time.


  • preventing users from accessing any apps for specific time he choose
  • the application cant be disabled even if the phone is restarted
  • inspiration and motivation quotes on lock screen
  • admob banner & interstitial ads integrated
  • in app purchase integrated for pro version of the application (Unlimited Lock Time & No Ads)
  • firebase & crashlytics supported

Project Information

  • Platform: Android
  • Project Files: Android Studio
  • Version: 1.0
  • Supported (Admob & Firebase & Crashlytics )


Last Update: June 29, 2019
Created: June 29, 2019