Extended Dating App with Firebase Realtime and Admin Panel

Extended Dating App is another dating app that comes with firebase realtime and powerful features. It is developed in Java (MVVM architecture) with Android studio, the admin panel and api is developed with Strapi framework (Koajs and Reactjs).

  • Easily integrated with Admin Panel
  • Easily integrated with Firebase to holds realtime chat feature
  • In-app purchasing to buy gold account feature.
  • Admob is integrated with Interstitial
  • Google, Facebook, Email and Phone Registration
  • Easily see on your like and visit list
  • In-app purchases feature with Google Play Billing api.
  • FCM push notification that adding from Firebase messaging



Admin Panel Demo:


Username : admin

Password : 123456

Images and icons from Flaticon and Pexels

Extended Dating App


Last Update: January 28, 2021
Created: December 18, 2019