Customizable Messenger with secure VPN connection feature

Messenger is an app for easier communication, that allows you to chat with the whole world for free. Moreover, you can use it also s a corporate chat, since this app has unique theme designs, developed under “Army”, “Space”, “Doctor” and “IT” styles.
All the chat theme options have VPN function integrated. This gives the users ability to have secured connection, which results into protected information exchange. Your texts, files and pictures are only between you and your interlocutor.
You can either choose to chat with your friends or colleagues directly, or create group chats, that are also protected.
Messenger functions:
—> chat with friends or colleagues
—> create either direct or group chats
—> protect all your messages and files you send with VPN
—> social login (via FB)
—> choose your theme (“Army”, “Space”, “Doctor” and “IT”)
Developed using Quickblox.SDK. Download and leave a review. The “Space” theme is available for download. For other themes please contact us. The apk will be sent to you upon requests. Customized design can be developed especially for you upon request.
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Last Update: January 13, 2017
Created: January 13, 2017