Books Collection Built with FireBase

E-Books With Firebase is a native Android project, Universal, super easy to customize,
backend with Firebase hosted on firebase console.No need to download whole book in PDF
formate, Use will stream books page by page which will reduce loading time.
All the code is wel comented and customizable.
Sample Database and Docs (In HTML,Images and Video) Provided.

Reference Application:

You can create some thing like: This Application


  • Splash Screen with customizable icon (svg icon) and text
  • Multiple fonts support on splash screen text
  • Custom navigation drawer menu with customizable options
  • Caching for offline readig
  • Clear Cache for freeingup storage space after reading the book
  • Bookmarking / Favorites for later reading
  • Delete / Remove Bookmarks
  • Firebase Console and analytics


Last Update: April 30, 2019
Created: April 30, 2019