Swift Builder Build Apps Fast


Swift Builder helps you make apps faster and cheaper than ever.

Our custom lines of code will help you add basic features to your app. Add a button to let users share to social networks, rate your app, play a Youtube video, and so much more. See below for more information!

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1.RATE THE APPLICATION -> Popup will be displayed rather to rate the
application or skip it. If the user presses YES it will redirect to iTunes Store
2.AUTHENTICATE GAME CENTER -> In order to use Game Center in your
Game or App you need first to authenticate the user.
3.SHOW GAME CENTER LEADERBOARD -> Show game center leaderboard to
the current view controller
score to the Game Center leaderboard you have created.
5.SHARE APPLICATION IN SOCIAL NETWORKS -> Share the application in
social networks. This method checks which social networks are available in your
device and pop them in a alert view to choose from which.
6.MAKE VIEW IN CIRCLE SHAPE -> Make any kind of view in circle shape
7.MAKE BUTTON IN CIRCLE SHAPE -> Make any kind of UIButton in circle
8.MAKE IMAGE VIEW IN CIRCLE SHAPE -> Make any kind of UIImageView in
circle shape
between two view controllers.
10.PLAY SOUND -> Set the name of the song you would like to play and simply
call this method to play it. It is that simple now to play a sound.
11.LOCAL NOTIFICATION -> Create a local notification and fire it even if the app
is closed and phone is locked. Usually people are using this for Alarm apps.
12.PLAY RADIO -> Play any kind of internet radio stream inside the app. You can
use it to make your own radio app.
13.PLAY YOUTUBE VIDEO -> Play any kind of YouTube video in your
application. The only thing is required is a WebView.
14.READ FROM PLIST -> Looking for a fast way to read a plist inside
dictionary ? This is the method. Create a dictionary and call this method to load
the selected plist.
15.STORE DICTIONARY IN USERDEFAULTS -> If you want to store dictionary
into NSUserDefaults it is not quite simple if you are not a pro developer. This
method will help you our just pass the dictionary and it will be saved in defaults.
16.GET DICTIONARY FROM USERDEFAULTS -> Get the saved dictionary from
17.SHAKE ANIMATION -> You want your button or some view to have shake
effect ? Just call the method and pass the button or the view as argument
18.ROTATE VIEW -> Same as shake but this time rotate. You can rotate any
view in selected angle.
19.FADE IN VIEW ANIMATION -> Pass a view and time for the animation
20.FADE OUT VIEW ANIMATION -> Pass a view and time for the animation
21.CHANGE UILABEL FONT -> Tired of searching how to change the font ?
Pass the UILabel as argument and select the desire font.
22.CHANGE UIBUTTON FONT -> Tired of searching how to change the font ?
Pass the UIButton as argument and select the desire font.
23.LOAD IMAGE FROM INTERNET Asynchronously -> Load any internet image
into ImageView inside your application with this simple method. Just call it and
pass the link and the ImageView to load it. It is loading Async meaning the
application will not lag while downloading the image.

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