Gravity Forms Invitation Codes

Invitation Codes Add-On for Gravity Forms!

Use this Add-on to verify a code before someone is able to:

  • Submit a Form
  • Register on your Website
  • Get Access to Members-Only Areas
  • and so much more…

Note: Gravity Forms plugin is needed, this is an add-on to Gravity Forms

Scenarios of the Gravity Forms Invitation Code plugin

  • You have a code that you place in a magazine/print ad and want to track your conversions/Return on Investment
  • You send out personal invitations via an OFFLINE source to register on your website, but only want users you sent a code to to register
  • You have multiple invitation codes for different online sources and want to track which source brings the most registrations by the code you gave out
  • You sell software and only want those who purchased to register on your site for support/updates
  • You are doing a soft-launch and only want to invite a few people to register on your site

Features include:

  • Register by Invitation Code Only
  • Form Submission by Code Verification
  • Generate Codes on a Front-end Page or Gravity Forms Confirmation Message via Shortcode
  • Show “Invitation Code Name” on a confirmaiton page via Shortcode (useful if the names of your Invitation Codes are names of People or Companies)
    Example: Your confirmation page would say this “Thanks [invitation_code_name]!” on the backend page editor and say “Thanks Mary Smith!” on the front-end for visitors to see
  • Upload Codes via CSV
  • Set an expiration date for Codes
  • View Codes Used by Registered User
  • View Number of Times a Code is Used
  • Set Number of Times a Code can be Used
  • Add invite code field right from the Gravity Forms Form Builder
  • Rename Invitation Code label to something else like “License Verification”, “Special Offer Code”, etc…
  • Set a custom code error/validation message


Try out the demo: Click Here

Version Updates

Version 3.0 – December 3, 2016
- Rebuilt plugin for new Gravity Forms requirements
- Added ability to set expiration for Invitation Codes
- Added Text Box that accepts one code entry per line
- Added the ability for the Invitation Code to be assigned as a custom field 
- Added the ability to use "placeholder text" on the Invitation Code field in form editing mode
Version 2.0 – October 8, 2015
- Invitation Codes can be bulk selected to delete
- Added pagination to codes page (50 per page)
- Added ability to search for codes by Code or Code Name
- Added shortcode to display Code Name on confirmation pages
- Added option for custom validation/error message on Gravity Form field
- Updated multi-site compatibility
Version 1.2 – June 2, 2015
- Added shortcode [invitation_code_generator] to generate unique one-time use codes on confirmation or standalone pages
- Added ability to see generated codes in admin section


Last Update: December 6, 2016
Created: May 21, 2015