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No Coding Experience Required

Complete Site Login and Access Control. You can create as many users as you want and as many user levels as you want.

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More About Slac

The SLAC website login script allows you to create a new and define ACL at the same time. After you define who can access the page, you can save a copy any of the provided templates and customize it to suit your needs since it already contains all the code required to permit who can see the file.

Why was SLAC created?

I built SLAC because I wanted a script that could be used for unlimited user groups and unlimited users; much like recent installations of Joomla 3.0+ and Drupal. In addition, I wanted it to perform and function very quickly on any development and production server; including the micro pc called the Raspberry Pi.

But, that is not it. It also had to be an application that is undetectable by web bots and is very easy to template.

Essentially, the creation had to be very fast and to build a website very quickly.

With the previous goals in mind, I coded it and tested it on many servers. Since it performed up to specs, I had decided to release it.

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