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Ajax Contact Form - 1

Inside Pack

New Feature Added : Form Builder

  • Now you can create your own contact form according to your needs.
  • All you need to do is just drag and drop pre-defined blocks of form elements like Name textbox, Email textbox, Address textarea, captcha block, File upload block, Mobile number etc.
  • Just drag your elements and rearrange them as per your requirement.
  • Preview your form and save it. (You will get all your required php files). )” title=” :)” />

High Quality Theme Options

  • Theme used in this package is made with highly qualified features like css3 and bootsrap.

Full Responsive

  • It provides responsive layout
  • Content should be positioned automatically according to device size.
  • It can be display in well manner in any device like mobile and tablets.

Retina Display Ready

  • Everything is made with coding.
  • No direct Images are used.
  • All forms display very beautifully with high display quality.

Clean Modern Code

  • Forms are made using HTML and PHP Scripts.
  • Both HTML and PHP syntax are easily understandable.
  • User can customize it with basic knowledge og HTML And PHP.

Style switcher Option

Ajax Contact Form - 2

  • Style switcher is used to switch to different layouts<./li>
  • It Provides 12 pre-defined colors.
  • 2 Layout options: Wide screen layout & Boxed layout.
  • It Provides 14 patterns, Which used with boxed layout.
  • This option is available on each and every page, So you can easily determine how page looks in different style.

CSS 3 & Bootstrap

  • It uses css3 technique to design it’s layout.
  • With css3, we can display every element with different style options.
  • Bootstrap is known for it’s grid lay out system.
  • Bootstrap is very easy to understand, It provides responsive layout.
  • So with css3 and bootarap, we can create effective and Beautifull themes and layouts very easily.


  • If you are passionate about simple, elegant, easy to read code then HTML5 is the beast for you. HTML5 allows you to write clear and descriptive code.
  • New form elements like number, date, time, calendar, and range are also added in HTML5.
  • It also supports audio and Video display in web pages.
  • HTML5 is becoming a new standard in IT world.
  • HTML5 is faster and cheaper and provides modern techniques for creating webpages.
  • HTML5 lets you do things previously impossible with HTML.

Ajax Support

  • AJAX is a technique for creating fast and dynamic web pages.
  • AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously, which means ajax allows us to refresh some portion of webpage should be updated not whole webpage.
  • Other pages, which do not use ajax will refreshing whole page will reloaded every time.
  • in this package all forms are submitted with ajax.


  • All forms contains validations made up using jquery.
  • Ajax Contact Form - 3

  • It Provides inline validations.
  • Form does not submit until all validations returns true.
  • It is very easy to understand, user can easily add new validations or remove existing validations.

SMTP Support

    Ajax Contact Form - 4

  • SMTP Provides High authentication while sending mail using php mailer.
  • For use SMTP, you have to do following changes as shown in image.
  • First of all you have to create your account with SMTP.
  • To use SMTP authentication you have to enable $mail->SMTPAuth = TRUE, Otherwise it doesn’t apply any authentication.
  • After that you have to set SMTP Server by providing host details.
  • You must have to set the port number for sending an email.
  • Then, you have to write your active SMTP account user name and Password.
  • With this configuration you can easily use smtp service.

News Letter

    Ajax Contact Form - 5

  • Contact form with news letter subscription option, here if user want to subscribe news letter then it will save user email into database in newsletter table, and also sends an email.


    Ajax Contact Form - 6

  • Contact form with geolocation option, which give sender geographical location with auto generated map.
  • It Display at the bottom of the form, Also send with an email.
  • With this receiver can get current geographical location of sender.

Location Detection

  • Contact form with location detection, it provides sender location like city, state, country,etc..
  • Location is detected automatically using user ip address.

Human verification

    Ajax Contact Form - 7

  • Contact form with human verification provides captcha into the form.
  • Captcha is auto-generated text.
  • User can refresh captcha code, if it is invisible.
  • Form does not submitted until user write correct captcha code.

File Attachment

  • It Provides 2 types of File attachment : Single File attachment and Multiple file attachment.
  • Contact with single file attachment, It allows single file has be attach with an email, here you can provide maximum size of file to be attached and also specify allowed file extension. if you don’t need this type of validations then comment or remove that code from the script.
  • Contact form with multiple file attachment, it supports all type of file with valid extensions and any file with any size allowed by the phpmailer can be attach with email. Here you can also apply maximum file size and allowed file extensions according to your need, for using this you have to remove comment from the code as specified in script.

Multi-language Support

  • Contact form with multilanguage, it allows multi language translation.
  • In this package provides 8 languages : English(default), Spanish, French, German, Danish, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese.
  • It provides Dropdown of multiple language, user can easily switch from one language to another.

Page Redirection

  • Contact form with redirection, it allows to redirect to new page/url on successful ajax form submission using ajax.
  • In other form it will stay in same page and display an notification message at top of the form.

Send To Me

  • Contact with sent to me, Here an email is send to receiver and also a copy of email to sender on successful form submission.
  • Email sent to sender can be send using CC or BCC method.

Database Support

  • Contact with save to database, Here form data will be stored into database on successful form submission.,it will display a notification to user whether the data will be stored into database or not.If you don’t want to display this type of message then you can comment the display code or remove it from the script.
  • For this you have to create database first into the phpmyadmin.
  • sql file of database available into the database folder, you have just import it.

Use Following steps to create database in phpmyadmin.

  • Log into cPanel or if using wamp open localhost
  • Open phpMyAdmin by clicking the phpMyAdmin ink or Icon.
  • Following screen will appear when you click phpmyadmin.
  • Ajax Contact Form - 8

  • Select the database in the left menu that you will be working with or create new database.
  • Click Import in the top menu
  • Under File to Import, click Browse and select the backup file you previously created (it will be either a .sql .zip or .tar.gz file).
  • Click Go at the bottom right
  • When the database has been imported successfully, you should see a message at the top of the page similar to: Import has been successfully finished, ## queries executed.

  • After Successful database creation you have to configure config file reside into the php folder.
  • this file looks like following,
  • Ajax Contact Form - 9

  • Here mysql_connect($HOST_NAME, $USER_NAME, $PASSWORD)
  • In this function first parameter $HOST_NAME value should be “lacalhost”, if your database is on client machine(on local pc), or it should be domain name if it is on the server.
  • Second parameter $USER_NAME value should be username, it should be “root” if you working at localhost.
  • Third parameter $PASSWORD is used for password, if you have apply password protection to database, you have to write it into this.It can be blank.
  • After that you have to connect to the database you want to use, for that you have to specify database name into mysql_select_db($DATABASE_NAME, $con) function where $DATABASE_NAME will a database name.
  • If connection does not made it will generate an error message.
  • If no error message is displayed then your connection is made successfully.

All Fields Supported

  • Contact with all form elements, This form contains all valid html5 form elements like textbox, radiobutton, combobox, dropdownlist, textarea etc.. with validations.

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