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  • Latest Version – April 15th, 2021 Changelog
  • PrestaShop 1.7.x Ready
  • Powerful Leotheme Framework 4.0 with PrestaShop Modules Integrated

Leo BS Fashion is an attractive and flexible clothes and accessories Prestashop 1.7 theme.

This responsive Prestashop 1.7 theme with 05+ beautiful homepage demos is multipurpose store as it is perfectly suitable for any online stores to sell Fashion and Accessories, hand watch, glasses, eyewear, Unisex Fashion, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Bags.

Leo B&S Fashion Trending Prestashop Theme

Fully Responsiveness on Any Devices

This fashion Prestashop theme is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible and mobile-friendly, Leo B&S Fashion will look stunning on any devices or screen revolution.

fashion themes 2019 - fully responsive design

Best E-commerce product page designs

The highlight of this modern Prestashop theme is the diversity in each product page’s design. Leo BS Fashion is a great combination of color, layout, image block styles. Each of them is unique and interesting to allure your web-visitor right at the first look.

multiple product page layouts

Image Hotspot Widget

Especially, Leo BS Fashion comes with Image Hotspot, which makes your site the best place for your client to online shopping clothing and accessories. Just a click on the spot, you can show the information about many items right on one product image without redirecting to another page.

Hostspot widgets - special function prestashop

Apply Unlimited Skin Colors

Live Theme Editor allows you to choose colors, fonts, background image easily. Treasure of unlimited colors appears in the color board or color palettes for you to freely create your beautiful appearance. Just pick it and apply for the whole web.

unlimited skins color photoshop code

Flying ajax cart

Ajax cart with the features like ajax cart, drop down cart, fly cart, sidebar cart that sums up the best of the market along with many enhancements and customizations will bring the user the smooth experiences.

Horizontal & Vertical Megamenu

What’s more to make this Fashion & Shoes Online Shop is ideal for you!

fashion e-commerce prestashop themes 2019 - amazing other features

#1. Advanced Mega Menu Module

For any Ecommerce, mega menu is the best way & navigation to let customers discover your store. Supported to build & display both main menus, submenus in 2 types of menus as Horizontal & Vertical Menu. Drag n Drop Menu helps your menu installation done quickly.

#2. Product Custom Attributes

It means that you are able to add a large of variant attributes for products from color to size.

#3. Instagram

By using Instagram social network, it is the best way to raise the interaction & conversion rate of customers on beautiful product images & shopping product successfully.

#4. Product Quick View

Allow customers to discover and see your product in large size with variations & informations

#5. Product Filter

It allows to search & discover your most favorite product easily

Best customer support (24/7)

We are always happy to help and support our products in the best way possible. We have setup a support forum , ticket system where you can report bugs if any, ask help…

Best support customers

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Leo B&S Fashion – Minimal & Clean Fashion E-Commerce Prestashop Theme - Good Reviews

Learn more about by experiencing its Demo Video!

Powerful Features for Leo Frido Fashion Template for PrestaShop 1.7

  • 05+ Amazing homepages
  • Multiple header style
  • Easy change color template width via the Live theme editor Module.
  • Can add code css, js in backoffice
  • This Template compatible with Prestashop 1.7.x
  • We translate template to 6 languages.
  • Fully compatible IE10+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
  • Page builder Module: drag and drop, short code, landing page creator, custom field for product and category.
  • Product list builder in home page and category page.
  • Product detail builder and support 7+ product layouts.
    • Product image thumbs bottom
    • Product image thumbs left
    • Product image thumbs right
    • Product image no thumbs
    • Product image no thumbs center
    • Product image no thumbs fullwidth
    • Product image gallery
  • Live edit theme: change background, text color, header and footer style
  • Mega menu module, blog module, responsive slideshow, video slideshow.
  • Fly cart, wishlist, add to compare, product tab, ajax search.
  • Css3, SVG icons used.
  • Product Slider/Grid home page and category page
  • Look book module, product gallery module
  • Social block: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Maximum load speed for google speed, SEO Optimization.
  • RTL and multiple language support
  • This Template is designed for desktop, all tablet and mobile devices
  • Colours Themes support (Yellow, Blue, Pink…) and Multiple header style
  • Template support for Jquery Effects, css 3. Multiples modules suffix’s build-in template for module styling.
  • Impressive built-in content style.
  • SEO Optization & High Conversion Rate
  • Supports multiple layout options, configured within from back-office.
  • Easy to add custom html module, special, new, home feature via Leo Manage Widget Module
  • Support for native language file translation.
  • Video Leo Framework
  • Leo B&S Fashion Prestashop Theme Guide

Our Support Chanel:

  • Helpdesk: Submit a ticket
  • Email Support: leotheme@gmail.com
  • Detail Documentation: Leo BS Fashion Guide
  • Change log:

    Version Compartible Prestashop 1.7.7.x (December 19th, 2020)

    Back Office:

    - Bug fix:
        - #22191: Validate currency localized names
        - #22013: Handle parallel updates from CartRules when updating a product in Order
        - #22018: Order zero ratio for order detail tax
        - #21781: Remove gifted quantity from product order quantity
        - #21994: Remove or cancel all products
        - #21721: Handle Shop context override in order editing
        - #21816: Remove useless logic Product customization images in Order Page and handle exotic chars in name
        - #21853: Add missing use in CancelOrderProductHandler
        - #21830: Correctly generate cart error messages
        - #21555: Fixed increment button when adding a product out of stock and with allow order
        - #21526: Improved Error message in New Order Page when adding a minimal product
        - #21557: Fix product pagination when adding a product in an empty order

    Front Office:

    - Bug fix:
        - - #21981: Make sure favicon, stores_icon and logo are correctly settled for themes


    - Bug fix:
        - #22178: Set numeric_iso_code & precision in currency from CLDR when upgrading
        - #22182: Update pear/archive_tar to 1.4.11
        - #22174: Use displayHeader hook instead of Header 
        - #22164: Fix upgrade script from < to
        - #22146: Remove --classmap-authoritative when building release
        - #22130: Fix dependency which is targeting the v1.3.0 instead of the 1.3 branch
        - #21975: Correctly substring fields before update, remove duplicates and add missing sql queries


          - Improvement:
            - #21957: Update latest native modules
        - Bug fix: 
            - #21953: Fix "column count doesn't match value count" error during upgrade
        - Localization:
              - Improvement:
                - #22063: Last translation updates
        - Tests:
              - Refactoring:
                - #22055: Delete spaces in the end of title name in faker for UI tests

    Module and file change in version in folder theme

    ****templates change:
    ***Js file
    *** tpl file
    modulesps_imagesliderviewstemplateshook slider.tpl
    *** Add new tpl file


    Version Compatible Prestashop 1.7.6.x (May 21, 2020)

    **Templates change:

     - templatescheckout_partialsstepsaddresses.tpl

    – Back Office:

    - Bug fix:
        - Fix sidebar not displayed in BO Add employee page
        - Fix wrong number of "Last emails" in BO - Customer View page
        - Wrong redirection when using the quick search for a category
        - Fix error when trying to translate Serbian using the BO interface

    – Front Office:

    - Bug fix:
        - Convert cart rule value when order currency is different
        - Change product redirection rules to redirect to valid attribute url
        - Duplicate address when submitting a form with errors

    – Core:

    - Improvement:
        - Update version to
      - Bug fix:
        - Improper access control on product page with combinations, attachments and specific prices
        - Improper access control on product attributes page
        - Improper access control on customers search
        - Improper Access Control
        - Reflected XSS related in import page
        - Reflected XSS with back parameter
        - Reflected XSS on Exception page
        - Reflected XSS on AdminCarts page
        - Reflected XSS on Search page
        - Reflected XSS with dashboard calendar
        - Open redirection when using back parameter
        - Reflected XSS on AdminFeatures page
        - Reflected XSS on AdminAttributesGroups page
        - Reflected XSS in security compromised page

    – Installer:

    - Bug fix:
        - Installation under CLI doesn't take BASE_URI and Apache rewrite in consideration
        - Use scandir instead of readdir to get sorted entities

    – Tests:

    - Bug fix:
        - Change test fixtures that need to be in the future


    Version (March 4th, 2020)

    Module and file change in version in folder theme

    ****Tpl change:
    - /templates/checkout/_partials/cart-summary-totals.tpl
    *** Css change: 
    - /_dev/css/theme.scss 

    – Change:

    Back Office:

    Bug fix:
    #17711: Fix a bug on safari where SEO preview on create page was not updated
    #17613: Files translations.css and product_page.css do not exist
    #17395: Can't explore a category when all subcats are disabled

    Front Office:

    #17638: Prevent email enumeration
    Bug fix:
    #17457: Disable add-to-cart button when product/attribute combination is not available
    #16616: Fix round remaining value of reduction amount
    #17608: Email subject doesn't support html entities


    Bug fix:
    #17846: Fix exception thrown when editing a customer with a bad email address
    #17433: Do not escape translations when using the legacy translator from the new one
    #17306: Do not force memory_limit in index_cli.php


    Version (February 11st, 2020)

    Module and file change in version in folder theme

    ****JS change:
    - assetsjstheme.js 

    – Change:

    Back Office

        #17036: Protect modules vendor folder on install/upgrade/enable
        Bug fix:
        #16906: Handle profile name above 32 chars exception
        #17087: Define alert message when error are found in Category Form 
        #17065: Fix encoding on product name in viewed product
        #17071: Fix recursive check of updated files - backport of #16765
        #16742: Can't export data more than filters limits 
        #16696: Fix email theme permission 
        #16746: Attributes bo_css & bo_theme can be empty 
        #16729: Cost price & unit price are erased when saving with a supplier
        #16888: Fix customer comment template
        #16294: Fix email not translated when installing a new language 
        #16648: Fix customer statuses not being able to toggle when optin field is required 

    Front Office:

        Bug fix:
        #17248: Added RTL Style for Classic Theme
        #16852: Fix a bug where changing quantity on product quickview adds products tags on ever products
        #17030: Ignore rtl assets and remove _rtl.css files


        Bug fix:
        #17050: Quick access error when having a wrong url
        #16893: Fix yml config parse typo
        #16522: Prevent getter from changing class state 
        #17130: Make $localizedSymbols variable to be compatible with develop 

    Web Services:

        Bug fix:
        #17069: Fix Currency i18n fields issue in webservice


    Version (December 18th, 2019)

    – Change:

    Back Office

        Bug fix:
        #16365: Viewed products - the date is showing product id - not a date
        #16265: Fix category checkbox redirect
        #16153: Add missing field type DNI in brand address form
        #16158: Fix filter not being taken into account in grid export
        #16172: Remove constraint on siret in CustomerType
        #16047: Handle multistore customers sharing in customers listing at group level
        #16036: Add redirect routes on security annotation of Category pages
        #15643: Allow CLDR to display deleted/inactive currencies
        #15859: Add clickable row option for grid actions
        #15880: Fix wrong data mapping in export
        #15855: Allow anonymous mode for AdminController
        #15856: Must use min-with instead max-widght for the Profile button
        #15685: Unable to create new supplier when VAT identification number is mandatory
        #15665: Wrong selector expression, unable to move parent category
        #15660: Fix tracking url in Theme and Logo page
        #15658: Use empty legacy action parameter
        #15382: Remove useless and buggy identifier computation

    Front Office:

        Bug fix:
        #16423: Use default attribute when no one are passed in front page
        #16274: Fix contact us email display
        #15964: Use product url (including combination) rather than canonical one in the miniatures
        #15963: Add rel="nofollow" to prestashop website link
        #15930: Fix on product-flags class for product cards


        #16203: Update version to
        Bug fix:
        #16500: Incorrect email subject and template variable {shop_name}
        #16335: Update id_order_state at the right place
        #16258: Remove unnecessary require_once config.inc
        #16026: Remove final keyword from Lang entity
        #15917: Define use_debug_toolbar even if it's not set in parameters.php
        #15691: Cart rules mustn't be auto added automatically in some cases
        #15621: Revert "Fix lang table multi-store data issue" 
        #15731: Webservices shouldn't display warning when running with fpm or Nginx
        #15515: SqlTranslator must throw a NotFoundResourceException 


        Bug fix:
        #15847: Npm is not anymore in the nodejs package 
        #15895: Add management of an env var to disable debug toolbar in travis tests
        #15590: Remove selenium tests 

    Below is the list of changed files in Prestashop version 1.7.6:

    ****templates change:
    - templatescatalog_partialsminiaturesproduct.tpl
    ****JS change:
    - assetsjstheme.js

    And more

    Ap Page Builder version 2.2.7 has been release
    Ap Booking, Ap Blog, Ap Mega Menu, Ap Feature module, Ap gdpr, Ap Parts Filter, Ap Product Search, Ap Quicklogin, Ap Slideshow updated and compatibility



    Version 1773

    File change in version compare in folder theme

    *** tpl file change in theme
    (+) Add new

    Vendor Information

    • Store Name: leo-theme
    • Vendor: leo-theme
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