Azexo Composer Drupal page / block builder


Azexo Composer is Drupal module for user friendly front-end content editing. It is based on jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore and Bootstrap. The main difference from other solutions – Azexo Composer uses client JS for render of HTML to work faster and save server resources.

Azexo Composer can work with Bootstrap 3 CSS/JS provided by theme.

Or can work with any theme by use prefixed Bootstrap 3 CSS/JS classes provided by module.

Module on with additional elements SooperThemes Basic Elements

List of features

  • Integrated front end content slider visual builder
  • Integrated front end Impress JS presentation visual builder
  • Integrated front end popup visual builder
  • Integrated front end form visual builder
  • Every element can be animated via CSS3 engine (on appear, on hover, on click)
  • Every element can be animated via JS scroll animations engine (with easy to understand visual builder + parallax wizard to make parallax effect by few clicks)
  • Every element have base CSS settings editor
  • You can create custom block with Azexo Composer page builder to insert it into your theme
  • Front end render via own Drupal field formatter which can be enabled for text field of any Drupal Entity
  • Integration with Drupal blocks
  • Integration with Drupal views
  • Integration with Drupal image styles
  • Integration with Drupal media module
  • Integration with Drupal linkit module
  • Ready for translate via Drupal
  • If you have JS skills you can create (via very easy API) any number of your custom elements which will be integrated into Azexo Composer page builder and will support all features listed above

List of elements

  • bug with multi AC fields on one edit form fixed
    popup element improvements

  • Popup – popup container with unlimited content
  • Presentation – presentation based on Impress JS with unlimited content
  • Carousel – Content carousel (OWL carousel) with unlimited content. Can be used as classic slider.
  • Form – Form container (dropdown, checkbox, textfield, textarea, integer slider, date field types supported)
  • Row – Split content into columns (can have fixed image, parallax image or video as background)
  • Tabs – Bootstrap Tabbed content
  • Accordion – Bootstrap accordion
  • Carousel – Content carousel (OWL carousel)
  • Container – Wrapper that can be saved on server
  • Layers – Free relative positioning contained elements
  • Scroll Menu – One page scroll menu
  • Text – A block of text with WYSIWYG editor
  • Icon – Vector icon
  • Image – Single image (adipoli, splits effects available)
  • Button – Bootstrap Button
  • Jumbotron – Showcase key content
  • Panel – Box for your content
  • Alert – Bootstrap Alert box
  • Separator – Horizontal separator line
  • Blockquote – Bootstrap Blockquote box
  • ProgressBar – Bootstrap Animated progress bar
  • Gallery – Responsive image gallery (masonry, flex slider, nivo slider)
  • Images carousel – Bootstrap Animated carousel with images
  • Video – Embed YouTube / Vimeo player
  • HTML – Output raw html code on your page
  • Countdown Timer
  • Circle counter
  • Counter

Azexo Composer Drupal page builder can be used for such tasks:

  • Azexo Composer is ready for making static landing pages by end users with default Bootstrap CSS (or you can use Bootswatch CSS or any custom Bootstrap theme).
  • Developers of Drupal themes can integrate Azexo Composer very easily, so their theme will be ready for simple editing by the end users.
  • Azexo Composer is ready for creating static content AJAX sites. Content can be loaded (via AJAX) when it will appear in user viewport.
  • In same cases Azexo Composer can be used by graphic designers, who do not have CSS skills, for creating Drupal sites for end users.

Update log

9 march, 2015

  • element pair-controls bug fix
  • preg replace limits bug fix
  • minor bug fixes

18 january, 2015

  • themed elements feature reorganized – now it is just HTML clippings
  • demonstration themed elements added

11 december, 2014

  • bug with multi AC fields on one edit form fixed
  • popup element improvements

14 november, 2014

  • drag and drop tolerance settings change to default
  • js loader bug fix
  • js animations editor re-factoring

22 october, 2014

  • fixed issue with apache mod_security
  • video background bug fix
  • new feature: change slide by mouse wheel for presentation element

18 october, 2014

  • fixed bug with loaded JS/CSS (it was increase page load time)
  • now AC content independent from base path

16 october, 2014

  • JS loader bug fix
  • few small bugs fixes
  • presentation element improvements

8 october, 2014

  • JS front end loader now can be cached by browser
  • added impress presentation
  • added js animations to all elements
  • added textillate integration

22 september, 2014

  • utf-8 bug fix

17 september, 2014

  • bug fixes in HTML storage format
  • optimization of JS initialization code

15 september, 2014

  • new feature: changed storage format from shortcodes to HTML – now AC compile document HTML/JS based on user editing
  • new feature: added popup layout element
  • new feature: added grid layout element

19 august, 2014

  • new feature: AC can work via text field of any entity type (node, user etc)
  • new feature: AC loaded if user have permission to update of this entity

fixed issue with apache mod_security video background bug fix new feature: change slide by mouse wheel for presentation element
17 august, 2014

  • user interface improved
  • fixed collisions with forked-prefixed bootstrap (css/js)

12 august, 2014

  • user interface improved
  • added forked bootstrap (css/js) with prefix as option

8 August, 2014

  • now AC can be used for edit custom Dupal blocks in front end
  • added API to extend AC by adding new parameters and elements

30 July, 2014

  • added scroll animations engine with visual editor

17 July, 2014

  • added views integration
  • performance optimization

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