Rapidata – A Simple Test Data Filler for MySQL


Rapidata – A Simple Test Data Filler for MySQL

Rapidata is a PHP application that helps application owners to rapidly populate there database with random real life data for sufficient testing purposes.

Remember that time your application is almost ready but you discover a bug because you had not tested with sufficient data?
Or that time you want to showcase your app but oops, there is no data to make the application look alive!
Its all right! As you know entering enough amounts of test data is timeconsuming. With this app, not any more. You will save a lot of time using this app to automatically generate random, suitable real life data for your application.Better still,if you dont have much time to tell the app details about your database it will smart guess the best suitable kind of data for your tables. This app will also help you prepare a nice demonstrate of your app with such kind of data. Its a great way to visualize your application from beginning of development to the end.


  • Quickly automatically generate and fill data- With only 3 clicks
  • Real life data like. people names, addresses, towns , countries etc
  • Smart guessing the suitable data using table and column names.
  • Orders the tables in a way the foreign key dependencies do not collide.
  • Run the insert queries inside the app
  • Download generated data in sql file
  • Takes care of primary keys, auto_increment, unique keys and foreign keys.
  • Preview the data- you can edit it too
  • Saves project progress data.
  • Learns your database naming with time



  1. PHP v5.0 or above
  2. Apache server
  3. MySQL
  4. A computer of course

How to?

Simple…Copy the code into your htdocs folder and run it in your browser.



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