MySQL Smart Reports – Online Report Generator with Existing Data.


MySQL Smart Reports is a complete solution for a report generating with existing MySQL Database. This will help you to Generate Reports, Select Table Style, Grouping Data and Print the Report. Also to Download the report on Microsoft Word or Excel

The best report builder for mysql databases, it can be used for creating professional reports, graphs, forms and pivot tables within few minutes. Try our free demo versions!
You do not need any programming knowledge to generate reports, once the script is installed in your server. It’s just made simple. What you need to know is connection to your MySQL Database. Once you connected to the database, you can select data table, columns and grouping option if you need, and then generate your report. This also have chart generating option if you have selected a grouping option with selected columns of your table.[]


  • Connect to any database in any host
  • Generate you own report by selecting tables and columns from connected database
  • Select any colum you selected as grouping column
  • Choose your table style from out of four themes/styles
  • View / Print / Download to Excel or Word
  • Automatically generate charts with your data when you have selected grouping
  • Automatically saves your report in My Reports to review later
  • Easy to install in your server.
  • Online Demo available.
  • Installation Guide is available.

Online Demos

This script has two versions of it. One is to general servers which allows to connect MySQL server using standard mysql_pconnect() function. Second one is for new servers in which mysql_pconnect() is deprecated and only allows to connect to database using PDO mysqli_connect() function.

mysql report generator php script for php 7

Change Log

  1. 2016-07-05 : Update :grin: mysqli_connect() version error fixed. Styles changed to distinguished from each other. Grouping Options optimized as not to select when there is no data to group. And demos were updated to two servers with php 7. in one server and other is 5.5.
  2. 2016-07-11 : Update  :grin: 1 Charts Changed line to area due to similarity with spline. Also changed printing report option with table headers. Thanks.
  3. Scheduled : Update  :shocked: Adding more chart types
  4. Scheduled : Update  :shocked: User Password Encryption for Security

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