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MySQL DB Admin is a complete solution for a MySQL Database management managing database table structures to generating reports written in PHP/MySQL.

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By looking at this script’s demo, you may think that this is a replica to PHP My Admin. But for some extent yes and no. There are some features which are available in PHP My Admin and some are not. For example creating reports and charts based on data of a table. So I might say that this is something which PHP My Admin made easy.

When you have a blob field and if JPG, PNG images are added, It will automatically create a image gallery besides table data. You can use any blob type. But If you need bigger files to be uploaded use long blob. If blob data are not recognized as images you can just download data. But rember blob data are just binary information of a file.

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Features :

  • Connect and manage any MySQL Database
  • Add, View and Edit Database Structure/Tables
  • write images / any file to database. If images data page will automatically add a image gallery besides the data table
  • Search Tables
  • Search / Add / View / Update / Delete Data of any table in connected database
  • Generate Reports and Charts for the data in a table
  • Download Data to Word or Excel
  • Truncate or clear data
  • Manage Primary Keys, Unique Keys and auto increments

Online Demos

This script has two versions of it. One is to general servers which allows to connect MySQL server using standard mysql_pconnect() function. Second one is for new servers in which mysql_pconnect() is deprecated and only allows to connect to database using PDO mysqli_connect() function.

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Documentation is available with package.
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Change Log

  1. 2016-07-09 : Update :grin: Made two version of it. PDO and Old mysql_connect()
  2. 2016-07-13 : Update  :grin: Package Upgraded with Image or Blob functions in “Table Data” section.
  3. 2016-12-12 : Update  :grin: UTF8 Issues Fixing
  4. 2017-01-29 : Update  :grin: New Feature to Export Data to CSV
  5. Scheduled : Update  :shocked: Joining Related Talbles for Reports

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