Create a Website for Your CV: 4 WordPress Theme to Boost Your Career Life

August 15, 2021

Create a website for your CV if you want to be noticed by the recruiters. It will make a huge difference, here’s how.

Working could be one of the hardest parts of life and it is getting harder and harder to get a job in a young age. Even if everyone studies in college within their majors, there is no guarantee to find accurate jobs in the field. Especially when there are a lot of people applying for job vacancies no matter their age and sector, it is getting harder and harder to find a job that could make you happy in all ways.

If you are still searching or just started to search a job, you may want to stand out within other applicants in some ways to get the Human Resources Specialist’s attention. But how? There are many different ways to stand out; education, volunteer works, social life and etc. But still, there is no guarantee for you to stand out within all those candidates.

The safest way to stand out from the crowd is to showcase your work, portfolio or CV in an unusual way. By doing it that way, you would stand out as most of the Human Resources Specialists will remember your work, just because it’s different, it’s simply that! Most of the Human Resources responsibles are looking at your CV for only 15 seconds as there are a lot of candidates to choose from. They either choose the most experienced one or the ones with the potential to introduce them to the company.

If you have questions about how to showcase your work, portfolio or CV in an unusual way, you are in the right place! In this article, you will find great information about why creating a website for your work or CV and how is that necessary for you to stand out among other applicants. After explaining you the necessity of creating a website for your CV, we will recommend you 4 WordPress themes with easy customization and you can create your CV’s on your very personalized website without any coding knowledge. Let’s get into why and how questions, shall we?

Why You Need to Create a Website for Your CV?

Before getting into the real reasons why, here is a fact: According to a research conducted by Workfolio, a company which develops applications for professional visibility, around 56% of all recruiters are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website rather than any other application processes, however, just only 7% of candidates actually have their own personal website.

1- Recruiters will find you in an easier way: No more lost in the crowd!

Even if the recruiters have a CV database, as there are thousands of CV located in that database, your CV might lost in the crowd no matter how many years of relevant experience you have. Of course, they always do research and navigate through platforms like Google and LinkedIn to find the perfect candidates. By all means, they can discover your very precious website while checking these social platforms, by coincidence! Because when you create a website for your CV, you also show yourself more to the recruiters in an unusual way. They wouldn’t find you from the classic job applications, they found you by theirselves, while doing talent research!

2- Creating a CV for your website means unlimited creativity!

You know, creativity changes everything. When you create your very own website for your CV, you also show your creativity level and the importance you give to get into this job to the recruiters. It will make you shine easily especially if the recruiter would see a talent sparkle within your website, that would be also your CV.

This little sparkle might just be how you explain and show yourself, the way your website looks, the colors and the words you use or anything that comes to the mind. Every small detail you think about can be the key of your success in the path of your job hunting. You can use all those details by your advantage much more easier than the classic job applicants.

3- Converting your CV into a website will bring you some new skills!

You may ask how creating a website for your CV might bring you some new skills, but it does! You will get to learn the great features of the Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla.  To make your personal website shine, you will search for some new ways of delivering your message. Moreover, you will learn how to create the content to tell everyone what you’re all about, to introduce yourself. It is not only about how you engage your visitors, but it is also about how to be more visible on social media and how to promote your site.

In case you have no idea of what to include to your website for your CV, Jacquelyn Smith, a former staff of Forbes mentioned about the key features to add to your website for a better CV. Here are the points: a professional headline, a focus, contact information, a brief bio, your resume, your objectives, portfolio, results, multimedia and references from your former co-workers or your clients. But of course, the more the merrier! You can always add more informations to your website for your CV if you have more to add.

4 Themes to Create Your Website for Your CV without any Coding Knowledge

Before you get into the business and create your website, feel free to check out our WordPress template recommendations. They are very simple and easy to use and you won’t need any prior coding experience.

1- Arter – CV Resume Theme

Arter to create your website for your CV

Arter is a WordPress Theme where you can create the best website to showcase your CV. The theme has modern and creative design to help you create a web presence. It has many features included to make your process easier: Dark & Light versions, unlimited colors, WooCommerceRTL supportone Page & Multi Page, transitions page animations, powerful portfolioElementor Page Builder and you don’t need to have any coding skills.

2- RyanCV – CV Resume Theme

RyanCV to create your website for your CV

RyanCV is WordPress Theme to create your CV with powerful materials created by RyanCV and all the ready-made layouts and components: 8+ Pre-Built LayoutsDark & Light modes, unlimited color options, RTL Support, One & Multi Page, Powerful PortfolioWooCommerceElementor Page Builder that you can create any prior coding knowledge.

3- Kerge – CV Resume Theme

Kerge template to create a website for your CV

Kerge is a premium template to promote yourself in the coolest way possible. The theme is suitable for any kind of professions. The theme uses the Full Fledged Drag & Drop Page Builder, in that way, you can easily and quickly create any page, portfolio project or CV without any coding knowledge.

4- Leven | CV/Resume Theme

Leven, a theme to create your very own website for CV

Leven is a great WordPress website theme where you can promote all of your qualities and work in a creative way. Leven has Advanced Resume, Powerful Portfolio, more than 30 shortcodes and a demo installer while being a fully responsive theme. Leven team has a great support to help you out within the difficulties you may face during your website creation process.

You do not need to be a web development professional to create your very own and personalized creative website for your CV in a unique and amazing way. You just need to try to show everything you’ve got to the recruiters and here you are, on the top list to be selected among the candidates! The themes in the above are just some of the templates we’ve got on our website, you can check the others to find the best fit for your needs.

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