Best Financial App Design UIKits

April 8, 2020

Best Financial App Design UI Kits You Can Use to Build Your App

Would you like to meet a service that will make your life easier in mobile application or web design processes and give you the time to focus on “the main part of the job”? Let’s say it right: UI kits are ready to help!

UI kits, which you can use in your professional life or for a project you plan to realize personally, create ready-made screens with the best UX scores. It’s up to you to customize them and match your dreams.

In our opinion, the UI kits as described so far are a complete ‘’angel without wings’’! If it’s a time to learn more, let’s dive in!

What is a UI Kit?

UI stands for user interface and refers to the view a user will encounter when they enter an app or website. These areas need to be carefully created by a professional graphic designer. Many details should be considered, from the resolution of the images to the flow, color, and size of the images to the theme and SEO criteria. It is also important that the interface created has technical features that optimize the loading and operating speed and meet the basic requirements.

UI kits allow graphic designers to use pre-optimized and tested interfaces according to SEO and UX criteria, without the need for a new interface creation.

So, what are the functions of these interfaces? Well, depending on which UI kit you use, there may be changes in the functions you will find. The options you can generally benefit from are:

  • Checkboxes
  • Widgets
  • Buttons
  • Progress Bars
  • Navigation Buttons
  • and much more!

What is Sketch?

The Sketch, released on 7 September 2010, is a functional software used as an editor that graphic designers use to make vector drawings. The purpose of this software designed for macOS is to organize user interface and user experience in the most successful way.

Basic Functions of Sketch

The sketch is used by graphic designers for both mobile apps and web pages. What you can do through this system is as follows:

  • Vector editing,
  • Boolean operations
  • Pixel-level precision
  • Easy exports

Design-Focused Functions of Sketch

There are many digital design objects and features available for your use on the software. Especially graphic designers working as freelancers frequently use these tools. Here are some of them:

  • Grids and layout
  • Resizing constraints
  • Math operations
  • Variable and OpenType fonts

Component-Focused Scaling Functions of Sketch

With Shared libraries, you can ensure that the components you create generate a completely consistent view for different uses. For this, you can easily scale your designs with Sketch. The tools offered by the software for this are as follows:

  • Reusable Components
  • Smart Layout
  • Color Variables and Styles
  • Shared Libraries
  • Components View (in its beta version for now)
  • Insert Window

Besides the above, you can create prototypes with this system, take advantage of extensions, and complete the entire designing process here.

What To Consider Reviewing Financial App Design UI Kits?

There are many UI kits in the marketplace that have been shaped for financial projects. While choosing among these, of course, you should pay attention to finding a suitable design for the audience you will appeal to. However, the only thing you should pay attention to when choosing UI kits is not “whether you like the aura they create or not.”

Here are the details a professional should pay attention to:

  1. Resolution ratios offered by the UI kit
  2. Which formats and systems do the UI kit work with?
  3. How many designed pages will you receive with the purchase of the UI kit?
  4. Is there a fully coded app within the kit?
  5. Is it a rich enough UI kit for customizable details such as font and color?
  6. What are the user comments on the UI kit?
  7. Is it responsive?
  8. Are the necessary pages for your industry included in the design?
  9. Are there any usable and editable elements besides the ready pages?

Financial App Design UI Kits: The Best and Most Preferred Ones

There are many UI kits you can use to design a financial app and make sure that the user interface you create is compatible with your target audience. In the rest of our content, we will examine five different ones.

Swift Finance: iOS 14 App Kit

Choose Swift Finance to meet design files designed to be used in IoS 14 and above versions and customize them immediately! We have compiled 6 important features of Swift Finance that highlighted both by the company and the customer’s feedback. Have a look at them!

  1. There are more than 28 mobile screen options that have been fully coded.
  2. All of the digital products are designed based on Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.
  3. Thanks to a large number of coded components, you can easily get a function you want to add to your web page or app from here and paste it into the code source of your relevant page.
  4. Swift Finance UI kit includes one fully coded app. However, it is possible to use more than 12 components that can be combined with different functions apart from this app.
  5. You can also access the design files of the codes you use through the app. You will have the chance to reuse these designs by making changes through the PSD design files.
  6. UI8 also has a strong support system, judging by user comments.

Ruby – Banking App UI Kit

Let’s get to know Ruby Banking App UI Kit, which can be purchased at a much more affordable price than its competitors. Ruby can be easily preferred, especially by companies that launch crypto money banking and crypto money wallet systems.

  1. With its responsive appearance, a strong UX guarantee is always provided by the app.
  2. The High-Resolution Display can make the user’s browsing experience of the app or site more powerful.
  3. Thanks to neatly group and organized designs, it is possible to benefit from a more professional look.
  4. Clean screens that are easy to examine, understand and explain
  5. San Fransisco font is used.
  6. There are 40 different screens waiting for you in the app.
  7. Those looking for a modern and clean look for banking and online wallet projects, and those who like minimal design may love Ruby – Banking App Ui Kit.

Relevant Finance UI Kit

Would you like to meet the new generation financial UI kit designed for iPhone X use?

  1. Relevant Finance UI Kit offers interfaces more than 50, based on user experience criteria. The white and dark blue-weighted theme of the fully crafted screens is an option often preferred by those who demand an official look and look for a simple, easy-to-understand design. But of course, you don’t have to choose the default version for color. A wide color palette is offered by the kit.
  2. Symbols are great options for customizing your website or app to the brand image and voice you want to create.
  3. You will encounter designs that can be easily scaled thanks to vector-based drawings. This means reproducible and differentiable options for different projects.
  4. You can choose from the free font options offered for you in the download package in the app. It is possible to say that Relevant is more customizable compared to Ruby, for example.

CoinStance – Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet

Let’s meet a dynamic, fast, compatible, and editable UI kit for projects that started serving as a crypto money wallet.

  1. The kit consists of a total of 20 pages and contains all the requirements of a standard wallet.
  2. It is possible to say that especially the send transfer, request payment, and account profile pages have a strong and user-oriented design.
  3. The finance app UI kit is prepared in the sketch software version. You can easily adapt the screens, which can also be used for Sketch, Figma, and Adobe Xd, to your project.
  4. It can be very easy for you to organize the app, using the kit’s well-arranged and named pages, which has an impressive and eye-catching purple theme.
  5. The 375 × 812 (x3) resolution is a ratio that can give excellent results especially for iPhone 11 Pro X and Xs. This rate is guaranteed by CoinStance – Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet.
  6. Also, the number of customizable elements within the pages is 100. This shows that a large number of details can be changed according to your wishes.

Splash – Finance UI Kit

It is also possible to design easily for the apps of your new projects in the finance sector with Splash. So many options on one page, huh? Do not let yourself get confused, you have time to decide!

  1. Splash, one of the professional Finance UI Kit options, has 45+ Premium App Screens.
  2. In addition, it is possible to say that the general style of the design has simple lines and a plain aura.
  3. The resolution settings of these screens designed for Sketch, XD, Figma are also optimally adjusted.
  4. Splash Finance UI Kit has 375x812px Resolution.

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