Location based Tasks Reminder and Habits Tracker App with Admob Ads

Tasks Reminder App is a utility which allows you to manage your daily tasks including shopping list, to to list, notes reminder, voice reminder, location reminder with alarm notification, medicine reminder app, drink water reminder app and many other thinks to manage your daily tasks may maybe as a pills reminder too etc. The timeline app shows all your items on a day to day basis which helps in setting realistic goals. Tasks Reminder app has a very simple & straightforward design. This simple task list app is packed with a lot of features and customizations.

• The usual reminder by date with the possibility of repeat;
• Timer with the possibility of repeat;
• Alarm clock (normal, sending text messages and reminder calls) with repeat;
• Remind a call with the possibility of repeat;
• Remind to send a SMS with the possibility of repeat;

• Remind of birthdays from contacts;
• Conservation, dissemination and sync notes;
• Remind missed calls;
• Quickly create reminder after a call;
• Fast sending SMS after rejecting a call;
• Backing up data to a memory card;
• Backup settings on the memory card;
• Support Android Wear Notification;
• Notifications voice;
• Support 12/24 hour time format;
• Wide choice of widgets to the home screen with the ability to configure their appearance.
• Admob Ads


Last Update: October 6, 2020
Created: August 10, 2020