ILyrics Music Player With Startapp Ads

Ilyrics music player is a modern music player that plays music in all kinds of format,it comes with other many great features including artist biography,lyrics syncing,manually adding lyrics from lyrics website and having them displayed on the screen.


  • Lyrics syncing:The feature enables users to sync lyrics directly from different lyrics databases,lyrics is displayed on the screen after syncing with features of editing ,copying and pasting lyrics elsewhere


  • Download Lyrics:If lyrics are available on the online databases,users have the chance to batch download all the lyrics associated with the musics.


  • Change Font:Users can change the font of lyrics,artist biography and many more.


  • Artist Biography:the biography of the artist is displayed on the screen,when a user swiped to the left,


  • Equalizer:Do you want to change how songs sound?the equalizer embedded in the music app provides the feature to get that job done.


  • Copy and paste Lyrics:Adding lyrics manually is anothe great feature of the app.


  • Sleep Timer:Choosing the time you want your app to stop playing music


  • Screen Locker:You can lock and unlock your screen at any point you want to .


  • Changing themes:The app has numerous background themes to choose among



Last Update: October 13, 2020
Created: October 13, 2020