GreenDemy-Passwordless & Subscription Based Learning App

GreenDemy-Passwordless & Subscription Based Learning App

GreenDemy is a learning app/platform that allows tutors and students to connect and learn via online videos or articles provided in the app.
GreenDemy supports videos of three kinds: YouTube, Vimeo and Server videos.
GreenDemy is subscription based app that allows tutors/admins to collect payment from learners.
GreenDemy supports in-app quiz/exam for students to test their knowledge of what they have learnt so far.
One good feature about GreenDemy is that it is Passwordless! This means your users/learners don’t have to memorize or remember passowrds.
GreenDemy eliminates the painstakingly typing of email and passwords in learning platforms; and most of all, GreenDemy is extremely very easy to use!


  1. Passwordless learning app
  2. Video & Content based lessons
  3. Multiple courses & course contents
  4. Subscription based
  5. Four payment gateways integrated (Paystack, PayUmoney, PayPal & Flutterwave)
  6. Complete app with admin & student dashboards respectively
  7. Online Exam/Quiz for learners
  8. Block & Unblock users
  9. Award free subscription to users
  10. PHPMailer integrated. Server setup and Sendgrid setup included and explained!
  11. Easy installation
  12. Beautiful interface
  13. Well documented
  14. Help included
  15. Clean coded
  16. … and lots more! Check the app preview to see the rest of the cool features included; the demo app says it all!

Server Requirements

  1. PHP 7.X +
  2. CuRL support
  3. PDO support
  4. MySQL support

Easy to follow documentation also included! Preview the online documentation here GreenDemy Online Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I notify users when a new version of my app is available on app stores?
Ans: Simply go to the Admin Settings section and update the Current app version field to your app’s new version and you are done! All the users making use of the old versions would see a notification whenever they navigate to the Home screen on the bottom navigation.

2. Can I set payment option, currency and country code without touching any code?
Ans: Yes you can. Go to the About tab on the navigation. You should see a cog/wheel on the navigation bar; click on it to open the admin settings. The admin settings is where you configure most of the settings required to run the app effectively!

3. How do users know their plan is about to expire?
Ans: Users whose plan is about to expire are notified 7 days ahead of the expiration date so they would be aware and take neccessary actions on time!

4. Can users upgrade/renew their plan before expiration date?
Ans: Yes. Users can upgrade/renew their plan before the expiration date.

5. What happens when a user with N number of days upgrade/renew their plan?

Ans: Suppose a user/student has 5 days remaining and they upgrade/renew their plan to a plan of, 31 days validity say, their next plan expiration day would be 31+5 = 36 days added to the current day they upgraded their plan. That is their plan’s leftovers are auto rolled over to the next plan!

6. Can users be blocked?
Ans: Yes. Users can be blocked and unblocked by the admin at any point in time. When a user has been blocked, they are automatically logged out of the app, and if they try to login again they would see a notification that their account has been blocked.

Test Admins

1. phone: +2349052554438; OTP: 123456
2. phone: +2349075380982; OTP: 123456

You can create student/learner account with your phone numbers (with country code attached to it!)

Demo App

Demo app is available here GreenDemy.apk or via Google Drive here


Last Update: October 22, 2020
Created: October 6, 2020