MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration

Upgrade Notice

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Plugin will integrate MyArcadePlugin Starter or MyArcadePlugin Pro with your existing WordPress site without theme editing.

This allows you to create an online games section on your WordPress site to attract more visitors and keep visitors on your site. Tue to more interactions with visitors you can increase your income and your site popularity.

A lot of big sites offer online games sections, so why you shouldn’t do that, too?

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Features

  • Integrates MyArcadePlugin with your existing site
  • Works with every WordPress Theme
  • Easy integration with a shortcode [myarcade_list_games]
  • 3 custom widgets: Game List, Game Tags, Game Categories
  • Allows users to play games in full screen mode
  • Browse games by categories and tags
  • Game ordering by date, ID and name without page reloading (Ajax)
  • Nice looking pagination
  • Tabs on game play page: Description, Instructions, Scores, Video
  • Custom post type “Game”

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Plugin will perfectly integrate with any WordPress theme without coding or any file editing. Everything happens automatically. You only need to add a simple shortcode where you like to display your games.

Manage Games

The integration plugin will create a new custom post type (Game) where all games will be published. Thereby regular WordPress posts will not be mixed with game posts. This will keep your site clean.

Manage Games

Let’s take a look how MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration looks on most popular WordPress themes available on Themeforest:


Avenue Theme


deTube Theme


Jarida Theme


Sahifa Theme


Smartmag Theme


uDesign Theme

Easy To Setup

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Plugin is very easy to setup. There are only a few options you need to adjust. The most work is done automatically. Let’s take a look at the simple settings page:

General Settings

Game Play Page

When someone click on a game, he will be redirected to the game play page where several game details are displayed within tabs:

  • Description Tab – Displays the game post content.
  • Instructions Tab – Will be displayed if game play instructions are available.
  • Scores Tab – Will display best players if the game supports score submitting.

Game Tabs

Fullscreen Feature

There is another great feature we’ve added to our integration plugin. It allows your visitors to play games in fullscreen!

Above the game there is a small resize icon. When a visitor clicks on that icon the game will be loaded in fullscreen:

Game Play Page

External Plugins (optional)

If you want to display a game play counter and/or allow users to rate games, you should install these plugins, too:


In order to use MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Plugin one of these plugins is required:

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Changelog

v2.1.0 - 2016-02-26
  Tweak - Improved compatibility with several themes

v2.0.0 - 2015-10-04
  Feature - Display game list with a shortcode [myarcade_game_list]
  Feature - Ajax game category and order filters
  Feature - New pagination
  Feature - Option to enable/disable category and order filters
  Feature - Option to enable/disable pagination
  Feature - Option to enable/disable certain game tabs
  Feature - Option to enable/disable fullscreen button
  Feature - 3 Widgets added (Game Categories, Game List, Game Tag Cloud)
  Feature - Browse games by categories and tags
  Tweak - Optimized permalink structure and removed permalink settings page

v1.1.0 - 2014-12-23
  Feature - Improved theme compatibility
  Feature - Game video tab will be displayed if a video is available

v1.0.0 - 2014-09-10
  Initial Release


Last Update: February 28, 2016
Created: September 12, 2014