Custom Form Fields add-on for OptIn Ninja

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Custom Form Fields add-on for OptIn Ninja - 1

Add as many custom form fields to your OptIn Pages as you need! It works with all autoreponders!

  • add an unlimited number of custom fields
  • choose from the following form field types:
    • text field
    • textarea
    • dropdown / select
    • checkbox
    • hidden
  • edit field placeholders / help text
  • field names can be edited to ease autoresponder integration
  • mark selected fields as required
  • validate input
  • save all data to the local WordPress database as a backup
  • works with all built-in 3rd party autoresponders and custom forms
  • lightweight and fast – ads no overhead to your pages
  • seamless integration with OptIn Ninja
  • premium support from plugin developers

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v1.05 - May 2nd 2016
* added hidden field type
* bug fixes

v1.0 - March 14th 2015
* initial release

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Last Update: August 17, 2018
Created: March 15, 2015