PHP-HUB — Function Autoloader incl. PHP Function Collection


GIT HUB PHP Functions and Snippet Collection

PHP-HUB — Function Autoloader incl. PHP Function Collection - 1PHP-HUB — Function Autoloader incl. PHP Function Collection - 2PHP-HUB — Function Autoloader incl. PHP Function Collection - 3PHP-HUB — Function Autoloader incl. PHP Function Collection - 4

PHP-HUB — Function Autoloader incl. PHP Function Collection

This is PHP-HUB, a BIG php function collection that speeds up the process of creating an application by providing a set of 130 useful autoloaded functions.


PHP-HUB is totally new build from scratch!
Hand picked — New Features




This is a simple but BIG php function collection that speeds up the process of creating an application by providing a set of very useful and tested functions.

It comes with 130 commonly used functions which are all very simple to use and to customize. Plus, I promise that I will keep adding functions at each update. If you have any suggestion, let me know with comment or email from my profile page  :)

The integration to your existing code-base is super simple, just drop it in and start using it immediately.

Support will be given via email and pre-sales questions will be answered via comment tab. Also don’t forget to follow me and to rate this awesome product if you like it  :)


  • api_alexarank — Get Alexa Traffic Rank (How is this site ranked relative to other sites)
  • api_domainfree — Check if Domain is available or taken
  • api_tinyurl — Generate a Short Link of your given long Link
  • check_date — Checks if a provided string has a correct Date syntax
  • check_domain — Checks if a provided string has a correct Domain syntax
  • check_email — Checks if a provided string has a correct eMail syntax
  • check_ip — Checks if a provided string has a correct eMail syntax (works with IPv4 and IPv6)
  • check_number — Checks if all of the characters in the provided string are digit
  • check_password — Checks if password is strong enough
  • check_session — Checks if a PHP Session is older than x Minutes an Expire it if so
  • check_string — Checks if all of the characters in the provided string is alphabetic (also ÖÜÄöüäß)
  • check_url — Checks if a provided string has a correct URL syntax
  • current_date — Return the local time/date according to locale settings
  • current_ip — Get the current IP
  • current_language — Get the current Language
  • current_path — Get the current Path
  • current_quote — Random quote of the month/day/hour/minute/second
  • current_url — Get the current, full URL
  • date_copyright — helps you keeping the current year in your copyright sentence
  • date_dif — Calculate the difference between two date values
  • date_nice — Build date to prettified date ago or date from now
  • date_time — Return a formatted date
  • dump_box — Dumps information about a variable in a scrollable box
  • dump_execution — Calculate Execution time in seconds (first start set starttime)
  • dump_handler — Email PHP errors to admin instead of displaying it to the public
  • dump_memory — Dumps information about memory usage
  • dump_trace — Print simpe and short human readable backtrace debug info
  • dump_var — Dumps information about a variable
  • email_encoder — Javascript eMail Encoder to prevent SPAM-Bots from collecting eMail-Addresses
  • email_is_disposable — Check if eMail is disposable (if you do not accept fake users)
  • email_send — Basic PHP mail() Function code to send HTML emails
  • email_valid — Check if eMail is valid also check MX-Record
  • file_bin2datauri — Converts a image file to an Data URI
  • file_bin2php — Converts a binary file or a text file to an php file
  • file_delete — Recursively delete a directory and all of it’s contents (files and subdirectories)
  • file_destroy — Destroy a file on filesystem so it can’t be recovered
  • file_download_limit — Slow down the download speed for a given file to a fixed limit
  • file_forcedownload — Force the download of a given file
  • file_ftp — Upload a single file to a FTP server
  • file_get — Download remote url data or local file with fallback system
  • file_header — Read file header (size, mimetype etc) of a remote file e.g. before downloading it
  • file_inc — Include file with custom error message if error_reporting(0)
  • file_last_arg — Returns the last argument (filename or directory name) of an given path
  • file_list — Make a List of all Files of a given Folder (Format: html, csv or array) exclude child directories
  • file_make_dir — Create a folder if it doesn’t already exist
  • file_phpinfo — Returns the phpinfo() data and optional saves page to an file and add (.htm) to filename
  • file_random — Returns a random file from a given folder. It also allows extension filtering.
  • file_remotesize — Function for getting remote file size
  • file_sizeunit — Function for getting local file size with unit of measurement and x decimal
  • file_write — Save file on a secure kind (exclusive lock)
  • geo_countrycode2name — Convert a country code to its country name
  • geo_distance — Calculate the distance between two Latitude and Longitude points
  • helper_min_value — Get min value greater than zero (not null, not 0, ignore zero and strings) in an Array
  • helper_percentage — Calculate x percent of a given value
  • helper_postget — Get back all variables sent with POST and GET in an Array
  • helper_redirect — Redirect to a given URL
  • html_charset — Print or return meta-charset Tag as HTML <head> Element
  • html_color — Converting HTML Color Names to Hex Value and Hex Value to HTML Color Names
  • html_color_darken — This function makes a color darker. Enter the difference between the colors (default = 20)
  • html_color_inverse — This function inverses a color to it’s opposite (White to black, blue to yellow, etc.)
  • html_color_nearest — Nearest Color Calculator
  • html_css — Print or return stylesheet-link Tag as HTML Head Element
  • html_description — Print or return meta-description Tag as HTML Head Element
  • html_favicon — Print or return link-favicon Tag as HTML Head Element
  • html_hex2rgb — convert a normal HEX-color (like #FF00FF) into it’s RGB values (rgb(255,0,255))
  • html_js — Print or return script-src Tag as HTML Head Element
  • html_keywords — Print or return meta-keywords Tag as HTML Head Element
  • html_note — Print or return note as HTML element incl. stylesheet
  • html_pre2htmlentities — Convert PRE-CODE-HTML-Content to PRE-CODE-htmlentities(HTML-Content)
  • html_script — Print or return script Tag as HTML Head Element
  • html_select — Returns a select box based on an key/value array where selected is based on key
  • html_sharethis — Generate ShareThis by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and eMail Button
  • html_style — Print or return style Tag as HTML Head Element
  • html_syntax_highlight — A simple syntax highlighting in you own colors
  • html_title — Print or return title Tag as HTML <head> Element
  • html_viewport — Print or return meta-viewport Tag as HTML <head> Element
  • html_viewsource — Print or return meta-description Tag as HTML <head> Element
  • image_asciiart — Return ASCII-ART of a given IMAGE
  • image_dominantcolor — Return the most used color of a given image as RGB Value
  • image_gravatar — Return Image tag from matching the given eMail Address
  • image_qrcode — You can create a QR code on the fly for URL, TEL, TEXT and EMAIL
  • image_text2png — Convert given text to an PNG image
  • image_thumb — Generate thumb from given image
  • image_url2file — Download URL to local File usinf cURL
  • image_youtube — Extract Youtube Previewimage from given Youtube Video Link
  • ip_block — Block one or Block Multiple IP Addresses (from array or file)
  • ip_location — Search for the geolocation of a IP address
  • mysql_affected — Get affected results count from db
  • mysql_db — Select db
  • mysql_escape — Escape bad chars for db
  • mysql_exit — Close connection to db
  • mysql_open — Connect to db
  • mysql_q — Query to db
  • mysql_read — Read from db
  • session_close — Kill all Sessions
  • session_get — Get a Session Var
  • session_open — Start a secure Session
  • session_set — Set a Session Var
  • string_add_goomoji — Generate 15 Google Mail animatet Emoji (goomoji)
  • string_bbcode — Convert BB-Code (Bulletin Board Code) to HTML
  • string_between — Returns what is between $start and $end in the given content $string
  • string_br2nl — Convert
    tags to newline (rn)
  • string_clean — Clean string of HTML Tags and XSS
  • string_decrypt — Decrypt a given string with a sepecial $key
  • string_encrypt — Encrypt a given string with a sepecial $key
  • string_highlight — Textmarker one or more given Words in a given Text – Give back HTML Content
  • string_html2text — Convert an HTML string into plain text
  • string_makelink — Make HTML Link fro a given URL (http,https,ftp,mailto or news) only www. URL will not work
  • string_ordinal — Add ordinal numbers (representing position or rank in a sequential order)
  • string_rand — Generate a alphanum id in the given length
  • string_rand_id — Give a random id (num or alphanum) in the defined length
  • string_rand_readable — Generate a readable word in the given length
  • string_rehtmlentities — Convert & to &
  • string_replace_emoji — Remove Emoji from String and replace it with ASCII place-maker
  • string_replaceumlaute — Replacement of german ‘umlauten’ öüäßÖÜÄ to
  • string_sizeunit — Extremely simple function to get human filesize
  • string_slugify — Make an URL slug from a given e.g. title String
  • string_specialchars2ascii — Transliterate characters (Latin, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish and Latvian) to ASCII
  • string_tagcloud — Generate TagCloude of a given (Keyword => Counter) Array
  • string_truncate — Reduce a string by the end, keeps whole words together
  • string_truncate_middle — Reduce a string by the middle
  • string_validemail — String test if the given eMail is a valide address
  • time_age — Calculate the age in years of a given birthdate
  • time_ago — How long ago (minutes, hours, days, weeks or years ago) is the given timestamp
  • time_calc_days — Calculate the difference between two given timestamps in days
  • time_date — Return well formatet Date (and optional time of day) of a given timestamp
  • time_is_older_than — Check a timestamp if it is older than human readable time formats like s, m, d or y
  • time_seconds_ago — Calculate how many month, weeks, days, hours and minutes are the given seconds
  • time_zonelist — Return an array of all supported Timezones
  • xmp — Show HTML Source in Browser (with the help of XMP TAG)

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  • It is very easy to use this. Simply include the autoloader (hub.php) and then call the function you would like to use.
  • <?php require 'hub.php'; echo load::function_name('parameter'); ?>
  • That’s it… You are ready to start!!


Latest version of PHP is strongly recommended
Some functions need cURL, some file_get_contents() enabled

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This script does not make any use of special functions, so it will work in nearly every server environment. In case of any problems with specific hostings let me know immediately!


If you run into problems please give me not a bad rate, please take a look at the documentation of the script. If you need more help, be free to contact me via the support tab. I will do everything so that my product deserves a 5 star rating! All updates are included. Remember that the script will be updated regularly.

Thank you very much.
Best Regards, adilbo

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Do you want to customize my script as you want? Just purchase the Extended License and shoot me a message from my profile page to let me know how you’re using it. Thanks!


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Roadmap (06.2016)
    html_breadcrumb - Output Breadcrumb for active File as HTML
Version 1.0 (04.2016)
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