5 Stunning Law Firm Website Templates to Turn Yours into a Unique Firm

September 22, 2021

Law is a required discipline no matter where you live. So does law firms, not only to help you but also to make sure the system works smoothly. Having a great law firm website template would definitely help growing your business.

A recently conducted LexisNexis study had a result that almost 80% of new US law clients used the internet to search while looking for a law firm. The same study also recommends to create a law firm website template in order to attract new clients and generate new leads. A well-designed law firm website template would attract more potential customers from search engines, online marketing tools such as social media. With those templates, you can showcase the areas of law that you specialize in and key successes that you’ve achieved with your former clients.

Building and maintaining your own website might seem like a hard and expensive task. However, you can design a fully-functional and cost-effective law firm website today with online website building platforms. Most of their features, templates, and drag & drop edit or allow you to make your custom-design to your very own law firm website. Simply follow the steps provided by the building website and you’ll be up and running in no time.

In this article, we will see the advantages of building your own law firm website template and our favorite templates as Clickatory team. Let’s get into business, shall we?

The Advantages of Building Your Own Law Firm Website Template

There are some huge advantages of managing your own law firm website template. Even if you’re not tech-savvy at all, you can easily create a law firm website template using online website builders. If you are looking for some reasons why you should consider building and maintaining your own law firm website template, check the points below!

Lower costs

Good law firm website template‘s a key factor to maintain a professional brand visibility. Most of the local web development agencies will charge, at the very least, hundreds of dollars per month to manage your website, and also thousands of dollars for building the website. For a small firm, these operational and maintenance costs can really damage your profits. That’s why creating your own law firm website templates, which are far cheaper, can be a great alternative.

Requires Less Time

To create a professional website, web development agencies and freelancers take a lot of time with multiple revisions and edits along with your input. It generally takes at least a couple of months to have the website publishing and running. And as they would also have other customers that they have to take care of, depending on the severity, your website building tasks may be postponed thereby resulting in prolonged time for website completion.

Easier to Update

Most of the websites, no matter which area you are in, requires updates from time to time. Whatever the reason is, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have to update your site ocassionally. But it would be painful to have to contact your web developer every time and then wait for the changes to be done (which usually includes a few rounds of revisions). When you create your own site by yourself, there is no one to wait to implement the updates. Say yes to the effectiveness!

Faster Support

Suppose the contact form isn’t working or visitors are not able to book an appointment with the lawyers, an agency might take 2 days to finish a task which in practice may only take 2 hours. More often than not, they won’t be able to service your website at the drop of a hat. Especially when it comes to website support, it’s faster to troubleshoot issues with the website through an internal dedicated team.

Business Advantage

Web development agencies may or may not have worked with legal services before. Nevertheless, as a law firm, you’d know your business better than anyone else. So, you don’t have to spend hours or days explaining to the agencies what your business does. You’d know what your customers want and how best to serve them. And thereby you’ll be in a better position to make strategic and technical decisions that align with the end goal in mind.

Our Top 5 Law Firm Website Template

Here are our team’s favorite 5 law firm website templates. You will get a chance to know every template’s specs and features so that you can decide which one would fit into your needs.

1- Law Firm Responsive Website Template
Law Firm Website Template

The website templates designed for law firms should be simple and easy to navigate. Especially this template seems extremely trustworthy as the template has 25 years of experience, used by 30 professional attorneys and 55 new cases every year. There is no need to tell that the template is fully responsive and with this responsiveness, your website will quickly adapt to any gadget in any screen.

Law firm website template also has stick-to-top menu where it sticks while you scroll up and down between the contents on the website. The template has Google Maps integration and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook integration. There are still many features spesifically designed for your needs and you can even try the whole template using live demo.

2- Law Firm Responsive Joomla Template

Searching for a perfect theme of your law related business website? The Joomla Theme fits for all business and services sites but it’s generally law oriented. You can create different kinds of post types, insert banner advertisements and monetize your blog easily. The template includes a newsletter subscription form that helps you grow your audience list. Thanks to an integrated social login form, your visitors can easily sign up to your website using one of their social media accounts during login process.

The Joomla Theme is fully responsive and adjusts seamlessly to different screen sizes and resolutions, making it a pleasure to read and browse your blog on mobile phones and tablet devices. The template includes a comprehensive guide on how to install and set up the template, with 24/7 chat and email support.

3- Lawex – Law Company Website Template

Lawex is a law company website template which is also a useful tool for staying in touch with your clients. A well-built website template that is also going to be your advertising platform. After all, most modern clients search online information about the law firms before applying for any lawyers’ services and the goal is to find your website. For that reason, you would need an SEO-friendly website. Moreover, you will use the advantage of a stunning website to attract more clients. You can check other info in detail and ask your questions to Lawex’s amazing 24/7 support.

4- Respes – Lawyer WordPress Theme

Respes is an amazing law firm website template that comes with JetElements plugin, containing exclusive modules, which extends Elementor’s functionality. Also, you can find JetBlog which is a stunning plugin for better displaying your blog layouts. Respes includes awesome JetTabs and JetBlocks plugins, spesifically developed to add custom-made tabs and different elements to your site, you need some personalization! With JetTricks plugin you can add various visual effects to your website pages. Respes would be a great choice if you want to boost your juridical services to another level.

5- Guardan – Law Services Multipurpose Classic WordPress Elementor Theme

Showcase your law company in an attractive way with Guardan theme! With Guardan, you are able to highlight the main and important features of your company easily. There are pre-made pages, such as Home, About, What we do, News for you. That’s where you may inform your visitors about your range of services and news. Guardan has a modern and simple design with a strong functionality. With Jet plugins from Elementor page builder, you can customize your website according to your needs and you won’t require any coding knowledge.

What are your thoughts about the online presence of law firms? Would you use those amazing law firm website templates while creating your website if you were an attorney?

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